* Are traveling expenses included?
Yes, as long as the job is within the limits of the Portland Metro area.

* What type of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard. We can keep your credit card on file, bill you at the end of the week and send you an
electronic invoice.

* Do you have a minimum hour requirement for work?
Yes, 2 hours.

* Can I be home during service?
Yes, we will work around you. If there is a lot of foot traffic while we are providing services, it may cost more due to time it takes to accomodate around traffic.

* Can I give you a key or garage code?

* Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
Yes indeed. We have car insurance as well. If you would like a copy of current documents, please contact us.

* Do I pay for expenses that will incur beforehand?
If you are a first time customer, yes. For recurring customers, if the expense is over $100, a deposit of 50% or more may be required. If it's under $100, we will bill you with the service charge.