How it works:

We supply all the cleaning supplies, which are environmentally friendly and professional,
commercial equipment. We are very detail oriented and cater to all reasonable requests.

A standard house clean is: wiping and vacuuming of all visible surfaces, de-cob webbing, minor organization touch up and taking out the small trashes. Bathrooms include: shower / tub (tile grout scrubbing on request at extra charge), sink(s), toilets, mirrors, counters, decorations, floors. Kitchen includes: counters, items on counters, decorations, sink(s), stove top, microwave, floors. Bedrooms, halls, stairs, dining room and living room include: dusting, clean glass surfaces as needed, tidy bed or change sheets, vacuum carpeted surfaces and upholstery, folding blankets and de-cobweb. We do not glass clean picture frames because liquid can damage pictures underneath.

There are other tasks we would love to do, just ask! Other tasks include (but are not limited to): Inside of fridge, freezer or oven, dishes, dust mini-blinds, change litter box, feed animal, laundry, ironing, wall washing, cleaning inside of cupboards or drawers. We do not pull out heavy furniture or lift anything above 50lbs.

We do cleaning on a schedule that fits for you:

- Ad-hoc
- Daily
- Weekly
- Biweekly
- Monthly